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A Jesus Centered Non Profit Committed To Curating and Creating Fully Inclusive Spaces and Places for All People to Meet and Pursue Jesus

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The gathering of Jesus-centered people ought to be the most inclusive, transparent, affirming, courageous, safe, loving, grace-filled, and mercy-soaked environment the world has ever seen or experienced. We dream and desire to be this kind of community. 

Welcome to the Table! 



June 1st Gathering

Welcoming, Affirming, and Inclusive Part I
Danny Cox 

The Real Open Table 
Churches and religious institutions have long used the phrase "you belong here" but do all people really belong? What does it mean to be "fully affirming and inclusive" of all people and have everyone truly belong? What does history and the Christian faith and the life of Christ have to say about how God affirms and sees his creation? 


Evanswood Church Troy MI

June 15th Gathering

Welcoming, Affirming, and Inclusive Part II
Beatrice Cox 

The Cross-Dresser’s Crucifix:
Holy Gender Non-Conformity in the Christian Tradition. 

Join us as we shine a spotlight on uniquely Christian expressions of queerness in literature, art, history, and theology.

6pm Dinner

6:30pm Gathering
Evanswood Church Troy MI

June 29th Gathering

Come celebrate with Us

If you have had any connection to The Open Table Collective no matter how big or small OR just want to share a meal and have some fun come hang out with us for a Summer Picnic

6pm-8pm Dinner Included

Evanswood Church Troy MI

Concrete Wall


Support Financially

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The Open Table Collective 

Mailing Address:

The Open Table Collective

28401 Mound Rd

Unit 311

Warren, MI 48090

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Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month we gathering at 6:30pm. Every 3rd Saturday there is a meal served at 6pm for all who attend. 

We host monthly table gatherings where we can engage in moments of beauty, spirituality, and practicality as we seek to engage with one another as a means of growing our curiosity and nourishing our souls.

Concrete Wall

The Open Table Collective Podcast

We release a regular podcast that allows us to invite guests to pull up a chair and help lead courageously receptive spaces for conversations that explore what it means to love God and others in a way that allows for well-being and flourishing of all people. The podcast is currently available on Spotify, Apple, or Google podcasts.

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