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Is it okay to doubt?

This morning I was drawn to the two sentences in Matthew 28. They are found just before Jesus gives his closest disciples one of their core directives, what is commonly known as "The Great Commission"; go and make disciples, baptize people, preach and teach about the ways of Jesus. It was something I had never put too much weight in before this morning, but my eyes were opened wider to see a little deeper...Do you see it?

Matthew 28:16-17
"Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted..."



In these times if someone doubts their faith or asks too many questions it can be sometimes seen as troublesome, as progressive theology, or worse a lack of faith. But look at the 11 disciples who were closest to Jesus, and literally walked side by side with God in the flesh, on this earth, for three years. They worshipped God BUT some of them DOUBTED!! What did Jesus do with the worshippers who doubted?? He gave them the same instructions he gave to the others. He accepted their questioning and doubts within their worship and still entrusted them to continue on their faith journey bringing with them their questions and doubts.

If you find yourself doubting faith, asking too many questions, or desiring a different approach to faith come join The Open Table Collective. We are committed to curating courageously receptive spaces, places, and conversations to help all of us wrestle with our faith and grow together. We meet every third Saturday of the month in Royal Oak 7pm at Genesis the Church. Parking is in the back of the church and another lot to the north. See you there!

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