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The Open Table Collective is an ever inclusive and affirming collective of individuals on a spiritual journey. We seek to cultivate courageously receptive spaces for wrestling with nuances of faith so we can walk alongside one another without fear or judgment. We seek to live and grow in our integrity through the integration of body, mind, heart, and soul. Our collective, rooted in compassion, expresses itself in working towards and promoting holistic justice, mercy, and love. We are an organization where questions are welcome, where following God includes the freedom to be yourself, and where your story is a chapter in God’s bigger story; a community that creates well-being and flourishing for all people in the name and person of Jesus.

Our Values

No Barrier to Belonging

Gracious Posture

Deep and Wide Formation

Holistic Justice

We are grateful for all of the conversations, mentoring, and input we have received over many years that has culminated into what is now called The Open Table Collective. As with any organization it takes the help of countless friends and colleagues behind the scenes and front-facing to bring everything into fruition. We are deeply thankful to God for every individual who has offered and continues to offer their experiences, hearts, and gifts with us. 

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